Labels Suck

Awkward confession: I don’t really like calling myself a writer. At first I thought it was because I didn’t feel like a “real” writer – I wasn’t actively working on projects at the time. By-the-by, that reasoning is bulltshit and you never should believe it. If you write, you’re a writer.

Even when I was working on projects though, that unease still persisted. I’d tell other people I was a writer and they would tell me about their poetry, their short stories, the novel they had planned, or their friend who had an idea for a book, or their Uncle who got published once. It made me uncomfortable because a big chunk of the things they described – these aren’t things that I do.  Continue reading “Labels Suck”

Tick tock tick tock

I’m not a Time Lord

Like many people on the internet, I love Dr. Who. The box, the bow-tie, the adventure? But some of it is the fundamental principle: being able to know the entire time stream, being able to travel anywhen in time.

When I was teaching, I thought Dr. Who might even make a clever lead-in to a lecture I was supposed to give about time management. I had to spice that lecture up somehow, because it was such a trite lesson. After all, it is something you teach to high school students and is two main lessons:

  • Keep a planner
  • Get shit done on time

Two bullet points, bam, The Doctor saves the day again. That’s all there is to teaching my students to use their time properly, right?

Holy crap, I was wrong. And it honestly changed my life. Continue reading “I’m not a Time Lord”