I am the 62%

So it’s been a really exciting week. I’ve been keeping my elaborate spreadsheet, plugging away at my novel, and today I did a percentage-complete. The updated status: 62%.

WIP Deveroux and Fitch (2)
Looks like Sweet Sweet Progress

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Cold Hard Data

Probably one of my favorite courses to teach was undergraduate statistics. I loved teaching it because you can rave about the big ideas and because it is everywhere. Moreover, I got to stress the importance of good data. People’s memory is deceptive; anecdotal reports tend to exaggerate or distort. But hard data? Well. That’s something I can get behind. That’s why I keep a log of my writing, so it is an indisputable fact. But this year, I decided to take it to 11.

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Squee! Rejection!

A Story

I’d submitted a short story, The Untimely Death of Theodore Baldin in October. I won’t say I’ve been checking the “status” page of the website every few days ever-since, but I won’t lie either. So last Friday an e-mail appears in my inbox from the publisher, and I got to open it and was all excited before lunch and I opened it oh my god here’s the answer and it is

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