It’s Done

It’s finally done. Draft 2 of the current WIP is finally finished as of 3:20pm on 4/10/16. Honestly I’m kind of in shock and still processing because it never seemed like I would reach this point.

You have to understand something. I’ve been tip-toeing back into writing for years. I wrote my ass off the first two years of college and then I stopped (for so many reasons). Coming back to it was probably the hardest thing I did. I wrote two more first-drafts (including the first draft of Deveroux and Fitch) but I was “just messing around.” I wasn’t trying to be serious about it, I was trying to play.

After Conquest last year, where I suddenly realized this was something I wanted to do seriously, I dove in with gusto. This was for real this time. And I’ve raved in other posts what a very long, hard slog it was. I felt like I was never making progress, and I was having to refresh myself (and learn more) on so many basics.

Once I managed to get into a groove at the beginning of the year, my goal was to finish by April 1st. I even took the last two days of the month off to get there and get complete. I got within three chapters.

And then I froze. I expected a tremendous burst of energy, a final push to get through, and that didn’t happen. It threw me for a loop too, to be sitting there on April 3rd, April 4th going “This should be DONE by now why can’t I get any of it done?” I kind of sat in a funk, played Magic, and drifted. I locked up. I couldn’t write anything, I couldn’t process.

I couldn’t even bring myself to say another deadline for when it would be done. Hell, I couldn’t even LOOK at the file for the past few days. It was too much. And I honestly couldn’t tell you why either — after all, here I was still just three chapters away from being done with this revision.

It took some time. I took a break for about a week before coming back to this manuscript. Once I quit telling myself I had just screwed up because I couldn’t even meet my own deadline, I was able to gain some perspective.

Plus, it probably HAD to be like this. This is the manuscript that I expected to have finished last October. So of course it would drag it’s feet for the last few days. It’s only natural.

At any rate, the damn thing is done. I’ve got other projects I want to work on (plus actuary exams to study for), but right now at this moment I want to just sit and be. Last July, I never thought I would be at this place. Even last December, when I was still only 19% of the way through my revision it felt like I was slogging through molasses.

But I kept writing. I kept working. And it might not have been as fast as I wanted, but dammit I am at the summit of this personal mountain and I am going to take a minute to enjoy the view from the end of 568  very long pages.


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