First Draft Fun

This past week I’ve really been getting into gear on my Iron Stars novella. Science fiction, giant robots. It’s my first new project of length in over a year. I actually began it because I’d been reading so many craft articles, I wanted to try some of the techniques I’d been reading about and didn’t want to outline an entire novel. It became small enough to plan relatively quickly (a couple of weeks), but it’s large enough you have to make some of the same structural decisions with a novel. And it is growing – right now we’re about 39k words, but we’re at least more than halfway there

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6 Hours

I’ve been working on getting my momentum back on the writing, and I am starting to get back into a groove. It’s been very nice, not going to lie. I’ve missed it. Incidentally, I’ve also made a discovery: my novella Iron Stars keeps growing. Right now it’s coming in at about 26k words and it’s a little under halfway. I anticipate that it will end up about 55k words. That puts it in a weird limbo where it is a really big for a novella but far too short for a novel.

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The Circle of Shame


Dear internet: I have a confession to make. I have found myself for the past months stuck in an annoying place. I have been trapped in the Circle of Shame. You know the cycle. You promise that you are going to do something (go to the gym, write every day, blog every week). You start out strong, things are rolling great, and then you have a stumble. You miss one week. Things get a little bit busier. And then you feel self-conscious and feel bad so you duck your head to avoid it and don’t think about it because when you do you feel really bad because now it has been months and oh man oh man. Yeah. That’s the cycle I’ve been in.

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