6 Hours

I’ve been working on getting my momentum back on the writing, and I am starting to get back into a groove. It’s been very nice, not going to lie. I’ve missed it. Incidentally, I’ve also made a discovery: my novella Iron Stars keeps growing. Right now it’s coming in at about 26k words and it’s a little under halfway. I anticipate that it will end up about 55k words. That puts it in a weird limbo where it is a really big for a novella but far too short for a novel.

I’m really getting itchy to start revising Nigel though. I do like having the balance of working between a first draft and revision, but I am staying disciplined. Finish this draft first (even if it does accidentally end up being 200 pages), then go to work on Nigel.

In addition to getting back to the writing, I’ve also been spending a lot of time pondering titles. No – seriously, I see some blogs where people list off their titles, and they are so catchy and snappy. I have: Iron Stars (which, incidentally, is already in use according to Amazon). And I have Deveroux and Fitch which is not especially catchy.

Random Title
Seriously, I am soooo bad at titles.

Lastly, I have been brushing up on my craft. I’m always trying to seek out more podcasts, more books about writing, that I peruse in my spare time. The latest is that Brandon Sanderson has professionally recorded some of his class lectures. They are awesome. I’ve loved Writing Excuses, but the problem is Writing Excuses doesn’t have time to go in depth. These are hour-long lectures that go into delightful detail on myriad topics. In addition, there is just time for him to provide a larger tableaux of context for these ideas. They aren’t revolutionary or brand new, but constantly refreshing myself on the fundamentals is helpful.

He does say something in the first lecture that has motivated me. I’m going to paraphrase, but it basically is this: the odds are better than you think. Everyone says getting published is 1000:1 odds, and in reality that’s not true. The odds are much better. You can actually make a living as a writer. It’s not certain, and it takes about a decade of a solid 6+ hours a week writing, but you put in that time and there will be opportunities.

It’s something I needed to hear. In general, I aim to be writing 1 book + 1 novella a year, but also just keeping a minimum standard of six hours a week is perfect for me. Especially with another actuary exam looming on the horizon, I need a simple target I can keep in my sight. I cannot just have all my writing disappear for 3 months like what happened this time.

I can’t do that. I will not. Six hours a week at a minimum. So time to go get started. Cheers.

For reference, here is the link to the Sanderson videos. They are fantastic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4ZDBOc2tX8




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