A Golden Rule for Gaming

I love tabletop role-playing games. I tend to play all sorts of cinematics, over-the-top, character driven games. I’m frequently the DM, and that’s fun because it scratches some of the same itches that writing does – laying out a story, taking my players on a journey, and building suspense until you can execute a climactic scene that’s TOTALLY AWESOME. But I don’t want to talk about any of those things right now, I wanted to start with what I’d like to call a simple golden rule for gaming – it is an absolute must for any tabletop game to succeed.

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Man interwebs, the past few weeks have been so very hard. I am trying to keep so many different things in the air.

Hold on, let me back up and provide some context. I’ve seen quite a few posts floating around lately that basically say, in many words, give your whole-self to what you are perusing. Chase your dreams all the time and never give up. Basically, give 110% all the time toward the one thing you want and you will be successful.

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Hugo Awards – a (Belated) Retrospective

My First World Con

From August 17th to the 21st in my stomping ground of Kansas City, the 74th Worldcon was in town (aka Mid-Americon II, aka the Hugo Awards). My wife and I went to it excited but also uncertain – we’ve been to a local SFF con, but it didn’t have anything on the scale of this. From Tuesday the 16th until the end on August 21st, we basically were running all the time. And then afterwards I stepped right back into a whirlwind at work and have been trying to catch ever since. And I’ve also spent my little bits of down-time trying to think about what, precisely, that con meant to me. Figuring that out has taken some time.

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