10 Lessons From GenCon 2017

For 2017 because we couldn’t make Worldcon, my wife and I decided we should take the chance to go hit up Gencon instead. I like tabletop games; I want to do freelance writing for game companies, so it seemed like a great place to see people at network. Still, it was my first time at Gencon proper and I learned quite a bit. Why, 10 lessons in fact.

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A Remote Worldcon 75

It’s that time of year: Worldcon. This time Worldcon 75 was in Helsinki. Bittersweet in a way, because there was no way my wife and I could make it. We instead lived vicariously through friends’ social media. On our fifth-year anniversary road-trip, we saw the live-tweets of the Hugo awards. Seeing all the social media posts about the con, it made me wistful. Apparently, it also made me a mirror because I feel compelled to reflect.

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