A Remote Worldcon 75

It’s that time of year: Worldcon. This time Worldcon 75 was in Helsinki. Bittersweet in a way, because there was no way my wife and I could make it. We instead lived vicariously through friends’ social media. On our fifth-year anniversary road-trip, we saw the live-tweets of the Hugo awards. Seeing all the social media posts about the con, it made me wistful. Apparently, it also made me a mirror because I feel compelled to reflect.

First, I do sincerely feel wistful because I felt like I was missing something with my friends. Some of these people are people I met at the last Worldcon that I look forward to hanging out with again. Others I haven’t actually met yet, and I would love to. Seeing all these wonderful people in one place getting a chance to chat, it made me sad I couldn’t be there with them to say hello.

Pictured: Me, waving.

I’m also curious to meet new people. I don’t know who I would have met in the subjunctive trip to Worldcon-that-wasn’t, but I expect they would have been awesome. Par for the course with a crowd that neat and varied. The prospect crackles with excitement and adventure. So in a sense, I was wistful for adventures I didn’t have this year, but that I could have. It’s Worldcon. Of course it promises adventure.

Speaking of adventure, WOW Helsinki! That is such a stunning city! The con center looked glorious. I saw pictures of bays, pretty museums, neat exhibits. All of that vibrant city, full of promise and neat things.

Seeing all of that, I came to a resolution: I’m going to Worldcon next year. I’ve got 4 cons tentatively planned for next year – after all, I have a Giant Robot novel in the final polish before pitching – but Worldcon is definitely on the list no matter what happens. It’s a celebration of a genre I love with a community of wonderful people I couldn’t find anywhere else.

See you all in San Jose!

World Con 2018


Congratulations to all the winners and nominees of this years Hugo Awards! It looks like the puppy tide has mostly retreated, which is exciting. Props to the two time Hugo Award Winner N.K. Jemisin for being AMAZING.

Congratulations to Seanan McGuire for the Hugo Award Winning Every Heart a Doorway. That is a novella that got me out of a reading funk once. She busts her ass writing a ton of wonderful books, and so I am glad she got some recognition from her peers about it.

Congratulations also to Uncanny Magazine! They are a wonderful team there who has so many wonderful and powerful voices that need to be heard. I’m super excited for their team.

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and the winners. It makes me very happy to see the community come together to celebrate the stories that we love and care about.


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