10 Lessons From GenCon 2017

For 2017 because we couldn’t make Worldcon, my wife and I decided we should take the chance to go hit up Gencon instead. I like tabletop games; I want to do freelance writing for game companies, so it seemed like a great place to see people at network. Still, it was my first time at Gencon proper and I learned quite a bit. Why, 10 lessons in fact.

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A Remote Worldcon 75

It’s that time of year: Worldcon. This time Worldcon 75 was in Helsinki. Bittersweet in a way, because there was no way my wife and I could make it. We instead lived vicariously through friends’ social media. On our fifth-year anniversary road-trip, we saw the live-tweets of the Hugo awards. Seeing all the social media posts about the con, it made me wistful. Apparently, it also made me a mirror because I feel compelled to reflect.

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Hugo Awards – a (Belated) Retrospective

My First World Con

From August 17th to the 21st in my stomping ground of Kansas City, the 74th Worldcon was in town (aka Mid-Americon II, aka the Hugo Awards). My wife and I went to it excited but also uncertain – we’ve been to a local SFF con, but it didn’t have anything on the scale of this. From Tuesday the 16th until the end on August 21st, we basically were running all the time. And then afterwards I stepped right back into a whirlwind at work and have been trying to catch ever since. And I’ve also spent my little bits of down-time trying to think about what, precisely, that con meant to me. Figuring that out has taken some time.

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