Works in Progress

Works in Progress

I’ve always got a few separate projects cooking at any given time. The purpose of this page for me to track my progress on these projects. Note this is mostly for my own benefit of seeing progress bars, not for pitching my work.

Novel: Iron Stars

Pitch: Science Fiction. Jack Wang, his adopted daughter and the impromptu family that is his crew, have the perfect heist planned. It goes south when the safe doesn’t contain lots of money, just a data-stick from a time-traveling alien robot from the future.

Status: Draft 2 COMPLETE, IN BETA.



Novel: Deveroux and Fitch

Pitch: It’s 1860, and Arcanists want to kill Lincoln before he gets elected. Captain Timothy Fitch needs the help of arcanist-for-hire Nigel Deveroux to help him save the President-Elect’s life as he passes through Baltimore.

Status: TABLED.